If you wish, please fill in the position that you currently hold or the area of ​​work that you are in. Example: Doctor, Lawyer, IT Consultant, YouTuber, etc.


Tell us the project you want to build.
Where the project will be built.
Land / building area to be built. If there is, write also the length and width.
The funds that you prepared for the project. Very helpful for us to design.
Explain the existing room / building constraints if the building / room is already exists.
How many people & animals have / will occupy the building to be built?
Explain routine activities that will / are usually carried out in the room / building to be built.
Mention the rooms / furniture that you needs in the building / room to be built
Attach photos of the location / layout / room (current conditions) in perspective.
Attach the design references you want.
Attach a land map if there is no existing building / house plan if there is an existing building.
Write here if you know Studio BESAR from other sources.